Commission Info & FAQ
as of Jan. 7, 2021

"it's shit but at least it's not a carrd site, for whatever it's worth".

i am open for drawing a wide variety of subjects, anthro, humans, mech, scenery, objects. gore, blood and horror is an interest and i'd like to tackle something of that matter as well as long as it's not a fetish thing haha.


payment is effected through Stripe invoices, they are sent by email and do not require an account. these invoices take you to a secure payment page where you may
input your card for the transaction, (now, for convenience and if you're too picky about entering your card anywhere, which is a good measure at least, i encourage you to use a virtual card with your bank or a prepaid, often banks provide an option to do this through their apps)
some people have had their banks check in if all is good. otherwise it's worked so far. ko-fi and have failed me, in case you wanted to ask.

why no paypal?

locked out of my account. they refused to corroborate. making a new one is hard due to legal restrictions in mexico.

wtf homesicle, that's expensive as FUCK.

mans gotta eat, and so do you. let's be reasonable, but sometimes i can offer flexible options.

what are your prices / what options do you offer?

*all prices $USD, they are all subject to change depending complexity.

single character flats start at $60.
single character paintings range from $120-140 depending on the complexity or additional details, maybe slight hints of backgrounds and the like.
full blown paintings start from $270. this price may increase depending on complexity.

if nsfw (lets cut the bullshit i think most of you come for this)

Vanilla only, pinups and artistic nudity are my main focus.

i won't draw anything / work with people i don't feel comfortable with and i reserve the right to reject business with aforementioned. it's mostly extreme fetishes, some subjects include

loli/shota/sexualizing minors in general / no aging up existing characters either. don't care.
hyper genitalia / proportions / extreme obesity (i'm aware sometimes i draw some asses that have no business being that large, there's a threshold where that stuff stops looking personally appealing)
scat/filth/diapers anything of that regard
all in all i'm not really, or actually a fetish artist. i'm just some guy who likes to draw things and sometimes they are very self indulgent. you may have seen i can be admittedly pretty anal and the short is once again, vanilla only.
sometimes you might just want to look somewhere else. not even for extra. i'm just some dude, i appreciate your support.

this is not limited to nsfw but general rules of charcaters and subjects, especially for furry characters. some of these might be generally reasonable, some of these get goofy.

no ideologically charged or inflamatory content
no complex fur patterns
no chaotic colors (e.g. neon green eyes, black fur, bright yellow ears, red wings and a rainbow mohawk)
no horses, pigs or elephants. (i don't like these animals)
no meme references or whatever will age like milk in a hot car. let's not do that.
give me a reference sheet and/or describe your character consicely (i encourage you to use bullet points) i'm not reading a 30 novel-spanning epic on your neon green wolf, tolkien
sometimes there's characters i simply don't like. nothing personal, some things are just not my style

so, where do i contact you?

Discord: TBA
Twitter: Open for DM @